Enrollment is still on-going for Senior High School and College Programs.

We assure parents and students that Informatics is highly prepared to conduct Online Schooling across our Senior High School Strands and College Programs. Not only has the school been using various technologies in the last years, Informatics combines the best education technologies from Skillsoft Percipio (Top Learning Portal/LMS in 2018), D2L Brightspace (Best K-12 LMS in 2019) and Microsoft Teams so our students learn effectively, safely and with motivation anywhere. Course Materials are accessible on any device including a smart phone.

For more details, you may contact our branches. To apply, you may use the online application forms here.

View our Online Schooling FAQs here. Watch our video for an overview of how Informatics conducts Online Schooling.

Some Informatics Branches are in an area that is currently under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and General Community Quarantine (GCQ). Online learning is what we offer to help our students not miss out on education during this pandemic.

Why Choose Informatics?

Informatics values your dreams as much as we value quality education. Thus, putting you first by providing a well-rounded curriculum that leads to employability and sustainability is our utmost priority.

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Fast Track Your Career Preparation with a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree Program

Fast Track Your Career Preparation with a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree Program

Having a college diploma has always been the key for many young Filipinos to open doors of career opportunities. Generally, universities and colleges in the Philippines offer 4-year courses. Sadly, not everyone has the capacity to complete a 4-year degree course because of time and financial constraints. Many would start working after high school and set aside their dreams of going to college or universities.

5 Habits of Successful Online Learners

5 Habits of Successful Online Learners

Online education is certainly the new norm. While it poses some challenges for the learners, teachers, and even the parents, there are a lot of ways to succeed in distance learning. Students can design their own methods and system to get through with it successfully. The desire to receive quality education, no matter what mode, should motivate the learner to develop certain habits that will make online schooling work despite the challenges.

Level Up With Us

From its humble beginning as a premiere IT training institution founded in 1993, Informatics Philippines has successfully penetrated the academic industry as a premiere educational institution offering degree and diploma programs in the fields of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Business Management.

Informatics also offers short IT training courses for corporations and individuals to get high-end skills in information technology, providing professionals with a competitive edge to succeed in the IT industry. Equipped with state-of-art equipment and flexible platforms, Informatics’ committed team of trainers continues to train and upgrade themselves in response to the rapid developments in IT. Informatics is well-poised to provide advanced training for professionals and place them in the forefront of information technology.

At Informatics, we take every program from Senior High to BS Degrees to the next level by powering our courses with technology, allowing students to master the digital age and compete in their chosen field anywhere in the world!

Alumni's Testimonies

Mark Bernales

“I was looking for ways to graduate in a short span of time without compromising the quality of education and I think that’s how Informatics has helped me a lot.”

Dorina May Luna

“Informatics made a big difference in my life.” Informatics did not fail her with her dream of working abroad through advanced approach of education.”

Jiovanney Emmanuel Bustamante

“Informatics allowed me to grow professionally.” Informatics values every student and provide them the greatest services to make each one of them industry ready individuals.”

Rupen Rajkarnikar

“Informatics is worldwide, students will definitely get jobs easily.” Informatics offered him a vast curriculum that allowed him to experience different subjects and broaden his horizons.”

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