Senior High School Tracks

Senior High School Tracks

Step into a world of limitless possibilities and boundless global opportunities…

Informatics believes in the transformative power of education more so with its students’ potentials to be innovators of the world. Out of their comfort zones, students of informatics are encouraged to dream and think big.

With its I.T. oriented curriculum that meets the highest international standards and a teaching approach that’s beyond traditional, Informatics equips you with knowledge, skills and attributes that are highly relevant to the global market today.

Accountancy, Business and
Management (ABM)

This strand will introduce you to the fundmentals of business, accounting, marketing, and economics. In line with the digital trend that will enable you to think big as you prepare for a more digital corporate world in the future. e-Learning or Online Learning is available across all SHS strands.

Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)

A strand that IT-fies your skills in creative writing, journalism communicationb, politics and governance, and social sciences through the best possible technological means. e-Learning or Online Learning is available across all SHS strands.

General Academic Strand (GAS)

A generalist approach in preparing students for college that covers various disciplines like Humanities, Social Sciences, Organization and Management. e-Learning or Online Learning is available across all SHS strands.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

A strand that prepares you for a career in Information and Communication Technology and equips you with advanced skills in computer systems, programming, creating web pages, and basic animation. e-Learning or Online Learning is available across all SHS strands.

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Education in the time of Dystopian-like Pandemic

Education in the time of Dystopian-like Pandemic by: Yolanda A. Soliveres   All the dystopian movies and TV series on Netflix couldn’t have prepared us for the COVID-19 pandemic. The Hunger Games almost hit the jackpot foretelling a one-tribute-per-household scenario.  We have those tributes now whose names are written on a government-issued quarantine pass that allows access to essential necessities like food and medicine. Of course, the movie stopped at one tribute per household. Bird Box and A Quiet Place, on the other hand, have a different take on educating children when schools are closed because to go out will mean contracting a dreaded disease and passing it on to everyone in the family! Suddenly in March all schools were asked to close and padlock the gates and to move classes online! The COVID-19 pandemic is real after all! Teachers all over adapted to the “new normal” in no time. Or tried to. Suddenly everyone’s going digital which adds more work to teachers and more resources to make it happen: digital devices, internet connection, learning management systems, learning experience platforms, ebooks, etc. Moreover, since classes are online, teachers find themselves talking to parents asking for assistance or to iron out […]

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Top 18 Highest Paying IT Jobs in 2020

We live in a time of great change career-wise; jobs are lost to automation and others are changing what skills are required. With changes like these in the market, you may be considering a shift to a career in technology or, perhaps, you’re already in the field and want to advance. In many industries, there continues to be strong demand for highly skilled IT specialists. Here’s a look at just some of the highest-paying IT jobs, according to Robert Half Technology’s 2020 Salary Guide and Simplilearn: 1. Big data engineer Businesses need individuals who can transform large amounts of raw data into actionable information for strategy-setting, decision-making, and innovation — and pay well for people with these skills. The salary midpoint (or median national salary) for big data engineers is $163,250. These professionals typically create a company’s software and hardware architecture, along with the systems people need to work with the data. Big data engineers usually have a degree in computer science and expertise in mathematics and databases. 2. Mobile applications developer Just look at your phone or tablet applications and it’s pretty easy to figure out why mobile applications developers are in demand. These IT pros need expertise in developing […]

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Major Benefits of e-Learning

No doubt, the transition to online learning because of COVID-19 was sudden. With the present COVID-19 pandemic grounding flights and temporarily stalling travel, many students have put their study plans on hold. While you’ll not be able to be somewhere physically at once, it doesn’t mean you can’t earn an online degree or certificate from a reputable university.   When done right, online learning comes with many benefits. Considering that universities and colleges might not be going back to traditional classes for the upcoming months, with some experts estimating it might take up to a year before a coronavirus vaccine becomes commercially available, this could come as welcome news for all those progressing to attend school in 2020.   Read on for more major benefits of online learning:   Flexibility If you’ve got a full-time job, family obligations, or simply study better on a versatile schedule rather than a hard and fast one, online degrees help you to save commuting time and complete modules at your own pace and schedule.   You can study within the morning, afternoon, evening, or night — whatever works best for you, rather than adhering to a category schedule. You have your own learning environment […]