Senior High School Tracks

Senior High School Tracks

Step into a world of limitless possibilities and boundless global opportunities…

Informatics believes in the transformative power of education more so with its students’ potentials to be innovators of the world. Out of their comfort zones, students of informatics are encouraged to dream and think big.

With its I.T. oriented curriculum that meets the highest international standards and a teaching approach that’s beyond traditional, Informatics equips you with knowledge, skills and attributes that are highly relevant to the global market today.

Accountancy, Business and
Management (ABM)

This strand will introduce you to the fundmentals of business, accounting, marketing, and economics. In line with the digital trend that will enable you to think big as you prepare for a more digital corporate world in the future. e-Learning or Online Learning is available across all SHS strands.

Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)

A strand that IT-fies your skills in creative writing, journalism communicationb, politics and governance, and social sciences through the best possible technological means. e-Learning or Online Learning is available across all SHS strands.

General Academic Strand (GAS)

A generalist approach in preparing students for college that covers various disciplines like Humanities, Social Sciences, Organization and Management. e-Learning or Online Learning is available across all SHS strands.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

A strand that prepares you for a career in Information and Communication Technology and equips you with advanced skills in computer systems, programming, creating web pages, and basic animation. e-Learning or Online Learning is available across all SHS strands.

What's Happening?

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Facebook Group Provides Free Online Courses That Filipinos Need in the New Normal

To help Filipinos remain competent in the new economy, Facebook group Free Online Courses PH will provide members free access to short courses with an international curriculum.

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Taguig Mayor Lino Cayetano completes an Online Course on Crisis Management by Informatics and Xplore Philippines

Taguig City Mayor Lino Cayetano recently completed the online course Expert Insights on Managing a Crisis, one of the courses offered in the learning platform of solutions provider Xplore Philippines Inc and Informatics College. Updating his knowledge on how to handle the crisis within an organization, Mayor Cayetano took the lead in taking a digital course under his government’s cyber schooling initiative.

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Everything You Need to Know about Successful ONLINE AND REMOTE Learning

With new normal setup, remote learning is likely here to stay. Students, parents and schools must work together to reap the benefits this form of learning has to offer. If you’re one of the millions of students getting ready for online classes, here are some things you need to know about your exciting new journey.