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Informatics Blogs

Fast Track Your Career Preparation with a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree Program

Having a college diploma has always been the key for many young Filipinos to open doors of career opportunities. Generally, universities and colleges in the Philippines offer 4-year courses. Sadly, not everyone has the capacity to complete a 4-year degree course because of time and financial constraints. Many would start working after high school and set aside their dreams of going to college or universities.

5 Habits of Successful Online Learners

Online education is certainly the new norm. While it poses some challenges for the learners, teachers, and even the parents, there are a lot of ways to succeed in distance learning. Students can design their own methods and system to get through with it successfully. The desire to receive quality education, no matter what mode, should motivate the learner to develop certain habits that will make online schooling work despite the challenges.

7 Things That Can Save Your Life as an Online Senior High Student

Life as a Senior High School student is surely not easy. Because your body and mind are not used to being stuck at home, getting on with life in the new normal can really feel weird and a little bit more challenging than usual. Add to your teenage burden the fact that, despite staying at home all day, you are expected to stay active during online classes, complete your schoolwork, and do your fair share of household chores.

Why Teens Should Not Skip School

With the end of the pandemic still nowhere in sight, many parents are left hanging when it comes to their children’s education. Should I delay my child’s schooling until the pandemic is over? What if I let my child pursue remote learning and he doesn’t cope? What if online schoolwork will be stressful for my child during this difficult time? While concerns over physical and mental health are valid, parents should also give importance to their children’s education and consider the many benefits they may miss if they skip school.

Taguig Teachers Fully Equipped to Teach Online Using Word-class Learning Management System

Taguig Teachers Fully Equipped to Teach Online Using Word-class Learning Management System

To complement their teaching expertise, Taguig City teachers are now using CAL Edison (Education Is Online), a Learning Management System (LMS) powered by international LMS provider Brightspace.

Benefits of Taking a Diploma Program

Do you want to learn specific skills in a short time? Whether you’re a high school graduate who aspires to work soon or a degree holder hoping to explore a new career path, taking a Diploma Programs is a good option for you.

A College Student’s Guide to Preparing for Online Exams

You may feel overwhelmed with all the major changes that come with remote learning. As you still make adjustments to participating in virtual class discussions, you might think that taking an online exam might even be more difficult.

• Facebook group provides free online courses that Filipinos need in the new normal

Facebook Group provides Free Online Courses that Filipinos Need in the New Normal

To help Filipinos remain competent in the new economy, Facebook group Free Online Courses PH will provide members free access to short courses with an international curriculum.