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Informatics E-Learning

Informatics E-Learning

Informatics Intelligent eLearning


Informatics Intelligent eLearning: How it Works


to Implement eLearning


E-Learning results in an 18% increase in
employee engagement.


60% of E-Learning students have a faster
learning curve.


$1 spent on E-Learning results in $30 in


25% of employees leave their jobs because there
aren’t enough training opportunities


77% of US companies implemented online
training as part of their talent development.


81% of employees are responsible for managing
their own personal development.


•Industry’s largest collection
of audiobooks—1200+


•Expert-driven, video courses

•Insights from real-world gurus

•Micro-learning for agile delivery


•15,000+ books from the
industry’s leading publishers


•Various formats including
facilitator guides,
accompanying slides, practice
labs, bootcamps & mentoring

About Informatics

From its humble beginning as a premiere IT training institution founded in 1993, Informatics Philippines has successfully penetrated the academic industry as a premiere educational institution offering degree and diploma programs in the fields of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Business Management.

Our Higher Education programs are designed to address the most sought-after skills in the business industry and IT market. Academic experts from educational institutions all over the world have designed and continuously maintain the standards of our curriculum – making sure that it is at par with the global community.

Informatics also offers short IT training courses for corporations and individuals to get high-end skills in information technology, providing professionals with a competitive edge to succeed in the IT industry. Equipped with state-of-art equipment and flexible platforms, Informatics’ committed team of trainers continues to train and upgrade themselves in response to the rapid developments in IT. Informatics is well-poised to provide advancedtraining for professionals and place them in the forefront of information technology.


Informatics Intelligent eLearning Online Programs


Employees need to rapidly develop
skills across a wide range of subjects and
need instant access to trusted formal and
performance support learning resources.
While Organizations need a learning
solution that can meet the needs
throughout the enterprise, can easily
blend learning initiatives and can be
effectively deployed within the
Brand Management
Certified Business Analysis Professional
Communication Essentials
Compensation & Benefits
Digital Marketing/Social Media
Marketing Strategy & Planning
Presentation Skills
Project Management Essentials
Public Relations
Sales Methodologies
Six Sigma

Digital Transformation

Being successful in today’s fast-paced
digital economy organizations need a
scalable and flexible way to deliver the
right tools, thought leadership and
resources to develop leaders at all levels
to drive transformation and success.
Big Data 
Data Visualization
Designing Digital Experiences
Digital Automation 
Digital Transformation Strategy
Social Media Marketing

Leadership Development Program

Address the changing ways in which
organizations need to develop their
leaders by providing a scalable, cost-
effective, and engaging leadership
development experience designed for
the modern, digital learner.
Customer First Leadership
Developing People
Judgment & Decisiveness
Leading Innovation
Leading Through Change
Managing Conflict

Stress Management
The Digital Leader
Thinking Critically
Women & Leadership

Productivity and Collaboration

Today, nearly all jobs require the use of
digital technology. Organizations that do
not build their employees’ productivity
and collaboration skills are unlikely to
see gains in innovation, work quality, and
agility promised by the adoption of
digital technologies.
Adobe Creative Suite
Facebook Business
Google Apps
Internet Browsers
Microsoft Apps
Microsoft Office
Office 365
Power BI
Productivity Apps
Social Networking 
Windows OS

Technology and Development

Tech Dev & Certification Collection
provides the breadth and depth of
training you need to help retain and
upskill top talent in a field that is
continuously changing. The learners keep
up with the rapidly changing world of IT
and provide them resources to get
Amazon Web Services
Android Development
Artificial Inteligence (AI)
AWS Certification
C++ Certified Professional Programmer
Cisco Certification
CompTIA Certifications
Cyber Security
Data Science
Ethical Hacking
Full Stack Developer
iOS Development
Power BI

What's Happening?

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With Online Learning, students now can access International Award-winning Learning Solutions

With Online Learning, students now can access International Award-winning Learning Solutions In the aftermath of the World Health Organization’s designation of the novel coronavirus as a pandemic in March, colleges and universities across the Philippines are shutting down in an attempt to slow its spread. The government is using different channels to distribute learning content: the radio, television, and the internet. This shift into virtual classrooms is the culmination of the government’s efforts to prevent COVID-19 from entering the populations and spreading to local communities. Over the last few years, online learning has been practiced by Informatics. Our students and teachers use Informatics Intelligent e-Learning powered by Percipio, a learning experience platform that holds thousands of academic and training contents allowing students to study by reading, watching videos, listening to lectures, and even practicing at virtual labs in the comfort of their home. At the end of each lesson, students are assessed and they receive a certificate of completion when they pass the test. Teachers and students collaborate and hold discussions at MS Teams, a cloud-based collaboration tool that is part of the Office 365 suite of applications. It allows messaging, calling, video meetings, and file sharing. Students of Informatics […]

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Students Enjoy Free Access to Thousands of e-Books Written by Global Subject Matter Experts

Students Enjoy Free Access to Thousands of e-Books Written by Global Subject Matter Experts   Informatics is one of the first, if not the pioneer of Online Schooling (a.k.a online learning, eLearning) in the Philippines when it launched Purple Train in the early 2000s. Purple Train allowed individuals to take up certification courses purely online, anywhere, and anytime. Students of Informatics College have already been exposed to a blended form of learning (online + traditional classroom) for several years. In fact, Informatics has trained more than 10,000 students online, including public school teachers, since 2019 alone. This further reinforces the school’s readiness for multiple modes of learning, from 100% online to blended learning to ensure safe yet effective schooling for all students. At Informatics, all students get access to 25,000 courses and 40,000 e-books/audiobooks on any device including a mobile phone, through an intelligent digital learning platform called Percipio.  Percipio provides expertly curated materials and assessments and other digital content created by certified and qualified faculty members from different countries.  It was awarded Top learning portal/LMS in 2018 and is used by universities abroad such as Yale University, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Cornell University. Developers of Percipio have […]

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Online Learning for Quality Professional Development

Online Learning for Quality Professional Development   Online learning is becoming an increasingly popular way for people in the Philippines to improve their skills and knowledge. Professional development is more than just a job perk—it’s a job requirement. In order to learn the newest technologies and best practices, you need to keep up with the latest developments in your field. These professional development courses offer an opportunity to improve your existing skillset and pick up new ones as you grow in your career. Personal and professional development is an ongoing learning experience. If you’re hoping to progress in your career, it’s important you have the right tools and knowledge to do so. The skills needed to be successful in today’s workforce differ substantially from those of the past. By the same logic, future occupations will also require completely new skills. New roles will come into being, some of which we don’t yet have names for, as other functions become obsolete. With Informatics e-Learning, our online short courses cover the essential skills for your career development, from cybersecurity and digital skills to corporate communication and coding, offering technology-oriented courses from Business to IT. These courses include videos, ebooks and audiobooks, and […]