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IPAA (Informatics Philippines Alumni Association) is a unified organization of globally competitive innovators that helps all its members achieve success by fostering a spirit of loyalty and promoting the general welfare of the organization. This organization has also the objective of helping its members in terms of job placements through partnership with different institutions.

We encourage all our alumni to connect with us and continue to help the institution in inspiring individuals to be globally competitive.


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What's Happening?

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3 Questions You Need to Answer When Choosing a College Degree

Are you now seeing college at your door step and you still haven’t decided on what course to take? Do not worry; that stage is normal for any Senior High student.

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5 Tips to Make Online Classes Work for Your Child

As a parent, it is your role to help your child adjust to the new normal schooling and empower him to focus on his academic goals while having fun in a totally new school setting. Here are some tips to help you make online schooling as effective as possible for your child.

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Courses Students Can Take In the New Normal

With all these changes, young people should begin to rethink their dream careers and take into consideration the factors that will affect their future employability. What jobs are in demand in the new normal economy? What course should I take that will increase my chance of getting a job in the future? What career path will give me the flexibility of working remotely?
Here are some educational programs worth considering in the new normal.