Fast Track Your Career Preparation with a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree Program

Fast Track Your Career Preparation with a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree Program

Having a college diploma has always been the key for many young Filipinos to open doors of career opportunities. Generally, universities and colleges in the Philippines offer 4-year courses.  Sadly, not everyone has the capacity to complete a 4-year degree course because of time and financial constraints. Many would start working after high school and set aside their dreams of going to college or universities.

The good news is there are Bachelor’s Degree programs that can be completed in just 3 years. In Europe, taking 3-year Bachelor’s Degree courses is a norm in education. With its many benefits, 3-year courses can make more and more Filipino students receive a quality education that will help them secure a good future. 

Saves Time and Cuts Costs

Compressing college programs into three years makes it cheaper. The tuition fee is definitely lower compared to 4-year courses. It serves as the middle ground for parents and students who wish to still go to college and earn a diploma but are hindered by their financial capabilities.

Likewise, deducting one year from their time in college can be a big help for many students. For many Filipinos, the overall cost of education for one year can mean a lot.  Costs of learning materials, meal and transportation allowances, and other fees can be hard on the pocket for families of some students, especially the working students and scholars.  The 3-year degree program allows the students to reduce the average time and fast-track their education without compromising the quality of their learning.

Allows Early Start of Career

On the other hand, finishing a 3-year degree program does not mean they are behind the 4-year degree programs.  Graduates of 3-year courses are also competitive in the global marketplace. In just 3 years, these course programs hone students to be career-ready by equipping them with sufficient learning and experiences.

3-Year Courses at Informatics

One of the educational institutions offering 3-year Bachelor’s Degree programs in Informatics.  As one of the pioneers of online learning in the country, Informatics courses help students cut costs and fast track their schooling so they can pursue their chosen career faster.  Students can choose from a wide range of courses including Information Technology, Computer Science, Information Systems, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, and Office Administration.

Aside from 3-year Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Informatics offers Senior High School tracks, Diploma Courses, and Corporate/Short courses

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