7 Things That Can Save Your Life as an Online Senior High Student

7 Things That Can Save Your Life as an Online Senior High Student

Life as a Senior High School student is surely not easy. Because your body and mind are not used to being stuck at home, getting on with life in the new normal can really feel weird and a little bit more challenging than usual.  Add to your teenage burden the fact that, despite staying at home all day, you are expected to stay active during online classes, complete your schoolwork, and do your fair share of household chores.

Here’s some good news for you.  Your carefree teenage life is not anywhere near its doom.  Your classmates, org mates, teammates, online game buddies are all going through the same challenging experience.  But as they say, “when the going gets tough, the tough have to get going.” So stuck it out and learn some of these life hacks that can help you adjust as an online senior high student:

1. Be organized

This may be a no-brainer rule in every class, whether it’s distance learning or face-to-face. While doing classes at home, make sure to keep track of all your to-dos and schedule on an app or a makeshift bulletin board. Have a list of all your deliverables and make sure to follow your schedule regularly.

2. Utilize your resources

You’re lucky to be in an era where all the resources are within your reach. Make use of the technology to be as productive as you can in your online learning. Use these tools to get ahead of your game, as well as to connect with your classmates and teachers.

3. Take care of your physical health

Sitting on a chair in front of the computer for long hours can strain the eyes and hurt your back and legs. Make sure you are staying physically active by working out and eating the right foods.

4. Stay connected with friends

You are a social being. Genuine friendships are vital in your life as a Senior High School student.  Those spontaneous laughter, chitchats, and stories are doing your mental health a huge favor.  Being on quarantine may have deprived you and your friends of the opportunities to bond like before, but that doesn’t mean you should lose connection with the people in your life.  Online classes can be tough without the physical presence of your friends in school. Connect with them virtually after class or during weekends. 

5. Give yourself a break

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This old saying remains true even in a generation that goes to school in front of the computer.  Studying is important, but it is also equally important to refresh your mind and body once in a while. Learn to manage your time wisely so you can also have time to pursue your hobbies and passion like playing an instrument, vlogging, baking, playing online games, watching Netflix series, or painting. 

6. Keep an organized study area

Make sure that you have a comfortable working space for your online class. It should be well-lit, quiet, and properly ventilated.

7. Keep distractions away

Social media and other apps may be important to you, but so is your online education. Keep these distractions away from you while you are studying so you can concentrate more, learn more, and earn good grades. 

If you’re tough enough to thrive in your online schooling, virtual social life, and home responsibilities during this pandemic, you’ll realize someday that you’ve become a stronger, smarter, and better version of yourself. 

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