Why Teens Should Not Skip School

Why Teens Should Not Skip School

With the end of the pandemic still nowhere in sight, many parents are left hanging when it comes to their children’s education. Should I delay my child’s schooling until the pandemic is over? What if I let my child pursue remote learning and he doesn’t cope?  What if online schoolwork will be stressful for my child during this difficult time?  While concerns over physical and mental health are valid, parents should also give importance to their children’s education and consider the many benefits they may miss if they skip school. 

If you’re one of the many parents who are undecided about their kids’ schooling, ponder on these ideas on why children need to go to school, albeit online schooling, in the middle of a pandemic.

Education Builds Routine

With all the huge changes that COVID-19 has brought, children need to maintain a routine to have something constant in their life nowadays. Children, especially teens, need a sense of predictability to help make them feel safe. A study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health suggests that routines are a big factor that can lead to less alcohol use, greater emotional self-regulation, and higher rates of college/university enrolment in young adults.

Schooling, especially online learning, forces teenagers to embrace a routine.  While you may think that sitting in front of the computer for online class every single day might be boring for your teen, rest assured that it’s doing him a huge favor.

Schooling is a Healthy Diversion from the Pandemic

While they may seem to enjoy their days doing the latest TikTok challenge or watching a Netflix series, teens also feel the negative effects of the pandemic. At one point during the long quarantine period, your child may have felt anxious, bored or overwhelmed.  Your child needs a good diversion from all these negativities.

Schooling can be a good and productive distraction for teens. It keeps them preoccupied with cognitive activities that stimulate their brain and give them a sense of normalcy.  At the same time, continuous learning for teens is a great way to keep them competitive despite the halt of face-to-face learning.  Teens love conquering challenges and being part of a game.  Online learning is one challenge that can keep them busy and productive nowadays.

Learning During Difficult Times Teaches Resilience

One word that will make you survive this pandemic is resilience.  Whether if it’s in business or your emotional state, having the ability to cope with a difficult situation is very important.  Resilience is something that youth should develop early in life.  Letting your child attend the online school, despite the many inconveniences around him, is one way to teach him how to effectively handle stress and adapt to life-changing situations.

Remote Learning is Possible

Why choose between your child’s safety and education when you can have both? Remote schooling or e-learning is the new normal in education. While there are challenges that go with it, online learning is a safe and feasible way to let your child continue learning.  The technical issues and other restrictions that come with e-learning can be resolved, but the lack of learning will be hard to address in the long run.

As you protect your child during this pandemic, weigh the pros and cons of your decision about schooling.  Strive to strike a balance between your child’s safety and his overall growth and development.

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