Taguig Teachers Fully Equipped to Teach Online Using Word-class Learning Management System

Taguig Teachers Fully Equipped to Teach Online Using Word-class Learning Management System

Taguig Teachers Fully Equipped to Teach Online Using Word-class Learning Management System

To complement their teaching expertise, Taguig City teachers are now using CAL Edison (Education Is Online), a Learning Management System (LMS) powered by international LMS provider Brightspace.  

Used by public and private schools around the world, the LMS is powered by Brightspace, an award-winning cloud-based learning platform. Brightspace was recognized as Best K-12 Learning Management Solution of 2019 at the International Software & Information Industry Association CODiE Awards. It was also named #1 LMS in Higher Education by global technology research agency Ovum Research.

Using CAL Edison, Taguig teachers can efficiently deploy and track online training activities, as well as develop and upload online course contents that are accessible to all students.  They can also check students’ school works, send feedback to students, and virtually engage with their class using the LMS.

“Through Brightspace, teachers can make a feasible platform to be used during the new normal.  It actually makes the teaching-learning process easier for teachers to provide and manage class activities – both synchronously and asynchronously,” said Taguig Science High School Principal Nelson S. Quintong.

Aside from using a premiere LMS, Taguig teachers have also been equipped with digital literacy and tech-based education knowledge and skills.  To provide training for more than 5,000 teachers from Taguig, the local government recently partnered with Xplore and Informatics Philippines, an IT Training and Education provider with over 25 years of experience.

“As an institution with years of experience in online teaching, we help strengthen the education system of the country during the pandemic by providing tech-based training to teachers and by using globally recognized learning technologies,” said Informatics and Xplore Philippines President/CEO Leonardo A. Riingen.

Informatics has a full training program called TEACHnology, which aims to empower public school teachers by providing them with up-to-date information and communications technology (ICT) knowledge and skills.  It also trains educators on how to effectively use digital tools and applications that are helpful for both online and offline teaching.

“Through this training, we were once again given the courage to prove that we are valuable in producing the future hope of this country. Also, it prepared us for the opening of classes, making us capable of showing the world that even amidst the pandemic, teaching will remain as the noblest profession,” said High School Principal Association of Taguig City President Dr. Rea Milana.

With a world-class LMS and a strong training program, Taguig teachers are fully equipped to teach students under Taguig City’s “Learn from Home”, the first city-wide free eLearning project in the Philippines.  Taguig citizens can learn a wide range of courses, from technical skills in digital media technologies, computer systems servicing, and networking to essential soft skills like business communication, management, and leadership.