Facebook Group provides Free Online Courses that Filipinos Need in the New Normal

Facebook Group provides Free Online Courses that Filipinos Need in the New Normal

• Facebook group provides free online courses that Filipinos need in the new normal

To help Filipinos remain competent in the new economy, Facebook group Free Online Courses PH will provide members free access to short courses with an international curriculum.

As they adapt to the new normal work set-up, both entrepreneurs and employees need to rethink and update their strategies to thrive in the new normal.  One vital way to keep up with the ever-changing business world is to upskill. Upskilling or the process of learning new skills is important in expanding one’s capabilities and employability. 

Addressing Filipinos’ need to upskill, the Facebook group offers free online business courses relevant in the new normal. As people stay at home for safety, they can use their quarantine time to learn a new skill or sharpen the set of skills they already have. Using any gadget,  members of the Facebook group can learn from FREE online short courses.  Likewise,  they can study at their own pace through hundreds of educational videos, e-books, and audiobooks created by global experts.

The online community, which is handled by Informatics Philippines, hopes to help its members maintain a relevant and updated skillset essential in strengthening their current job posts or securing a job. New digital and business skills can also help entrepreneurs improve their strategies.

Those who are interested to be part of the online group may click this link to be directed to Free Online Courses PH on Facebook.

For questions regarding the free courses or the online group, you may send an email to marketinghq@informatics.com.ph.

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