Everything You Need to Know about Successful ONLINE AND REMOTE Learning

Everything You Need to Know about Successful ONLINE AND REMOTE Learning

The pandemic has forced educational institutions and students from all over the world to fully embrace online education. The truth is that online schooling has been around for quite sometime long before the pandemic began.  It is a form of distance learning that allows you to participate in lectures, work on seat works, and take exams from anywhere through the help of the Internet. 

With a new normal setup, remote learning is likely here to stay.  Students, parents, and schools must work together to reap the benefits this form of learning has to offer.  If you’re one of the millions of students getting ready for online classes, here are some things you need to know about your exciting new journey. 

Benefits of Remote Learning

Despite your mixed emotions towards online learning, just bear in mind that it actually offers numerous benefits that you can take advantage of.  Here are some of them:

  • Online learning improves your level of accountability

Education not only equips you with the necessary knowledge to pursue a career later in life, but it also prepares you for the responsibilities of an adult. Online learning creates an environment that increases your level of accountability because your teacher won’t be physically present to monitor your every move.  There are also some tasks that you need to do at your own pace and own schedule.  In remote learning, you are being trained to be fully accountable for your actions.

  • You can gain Control of Your Learning Experience

Although remote learning requires you to check-in for class, not all professors will have synchronous courses. Asynchronous classes that don’t need time spent with a professor allows you to control your time.  It enables you to study on your own time and spend more hours on subjects you may be struggling with.

  • Benefit from the Home Court Advantage

In Sports, the term “home advantage” refers to the benefits one gets when playing in the team’s own court or field.  Successes are attributed to playing in a familiar environment.  You can also benefit from a home-court advantage during your online classes.  As you feel safer and more comfortable at home, you should make this benefit work for your own good during online classes.

What You Need to Prepare

  • Reliable Internet Connection

Whether you’re attending a video conference with your professor or watching a video lecture, it helps to have a reliable internet connection. This ensures that you’ll have uninterrupted access to modules, classes, and lessons.

  • Gadgets for Learning

Having a computer or tablet is essential for online schooling. It’s also easier to maneuver through lectures and visual aids using a quality gadget.

  • Space conducive for learning

Having a clean and organized workspace not only boosts your productivity but also frees you from distractions. Having a designated learning space reminds you that you have to study despite your bed being just a few steps away.

Challenges of Remote Learning and How to Deal with Them

With all the benefits and advantages of remote learning, it certainly won’t be a walk in the park especially if you’re new to this form of schooling. There are a few challenges that you may encounter along the way.  Thus, being aware of each one can better prepare you for a smoother online schooling journey.

  • Dealing with Distractions

Since you’ll be studying at home, you can’t deny that there are tons of distractions within reach. Your bed, smartphone, pets, siblings, food in the fridge, and more can surely make you lose focus.  To avoid distractions, designate a learning space to train yourself that you have to focus on studying. Setting a place and schedule for study time will also communicate with those around you your need for space and silence when attending remote classes.

  • Dealing with Technical Issues

Because remote learning makes you dependent on technology, it may prove to be the most challenging aspect of online classes.  Your internet connection can make or break a day of online learning.  Thus, it is best to get a back-up source of internet connection.  Aside from your family’s Wi-Fi connection, it is ideal to have an extracellular data or pocket Wi-fi just in case your main internet connection fails.  Likewise, make sure you’ve familiarised yourself with how to use the essential apps and programs you will be using for online classes.

Online and remote learning may not be what you expected to encounter this school year, but there will always be ways to learn the ropes of this new learning experience.  Despite the challenges you may encounter, focus on the goal to succeed academically, and take advantage of the benefits e-learning has to offer.

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