Parents are choosing Informatics Online School for their Kids. Here’s why.

Parents are choosing Informatics Online School for their Kids. Here’s why.

The social distancing measure during the pandemic has caused a lot of changes in the educational system. Since face-to-face classes are still not safe, educational institutions were obliged to suddenly switch to a remote learning or online learning setup. 

Parents were not spared from having to make major changes regarding their children’s education at the time of the pandemic. Am I going to enroll my child this school year or let him stop until the pandemic ends? Will e-learning work for my child?  How do I select the right school for my child’s online learning? 

Despite the many questions and confusion about the new normal schooling, parents still chose what they think is best for their children.  We interviewed parents of some students enrolled at Informatics, and here are some of the reasons that made them entrust their children to this school.

1. It will keep my child safe during the pandemic without compromising learning

For parents, the safety of their children will always be the priority.  Without a Covid-19 vaccine and cure, traditional school set-up is certainly not an option.

“If the classes were face to face, I wouldn’t even enroll my son. So online class is very helpful especially that we are in a pandemic.  It keeps my son away from exposure to the virus,” said Mommy Teresita Barba. 

Though they feel that traditional schooling isn’t safe yet, parents don’t want the pandemic to hinder their children’s development.  Because face-to-face classes aren’t feasible nowadays, online learning is an alternative that parents consider useful in sustaining their children’s education.

“These uncertain times can definitely be challenging for my young son. Having this alternative school routine for our son to follow and look forward to every day has been helpful during these times,” said Mommy Lydwena Dacut Castillo.  “We appreciate the teachers in Informatics who continue to keep everyone connected through weekly class and individual meetings,” she added.

2. I can easily monitor my child’s performance at home

“What I love about online class in Informatics is that teachers are able to find a way to keep track of students’ performance.  I’m starting to like this online schooling because I too can monitor my child’s performance,” explained Mommy Katherine Usbah.

Through the ION platform, students can easily access online course contents, submit their school works, and receive teacher’s feedback. ION uses Brightspace, a cloud-based learning platform recognized as Best K-12 Learning Management Solution of 2019 at the International Software & Information Industry Association CODiE Awards.

3. Informatics is a tech-driven school with years of experience in online schooling

For parents, a school’s experience in remote learning or online schooling is a very important factor in choosing the right institution for their children.  As one of the pioneers of e-learning in the country, Informatics has been providing students with certification courses purely online since the early 2000s. With this, Informatics is highly prepared for online teaching in terms of technology, learning materials and most importantly, qualified teachers.

“Being known as a technology-driven institution, it’s not surprising that Informatics made an app for the benefit of its stakeholders. My daughter said that the app was great.  She can see her teacher and classmates on screen and still feels like they are in the classroom when she was called for recitation.  I believe that this is an effective platform for students to learn and educators to be able to teach,” said Mommy Sonia D. Igot.

4. Online schooling offers advantages for my child

Though remote learning seems difficult at first, it turns out that online schooling has some advantages to offer.  Some of these are being able to focus during class and being independent. 

“It’s hard for my daughter to focus on their classes before due to unnecessary noises. Because of the pandemic, an online class is much better than face-to-face class,” said Mommy Leah Cortes.

“This new normal setup also allows the students to explore and learn in a new and independent way,” added Mommy Regina Membrano.

5. Informatics provides affordable quality education to all students

Informatics values every student’s dreams by providing affordable quality education. Parents choose Informatics because of the well-rounded curriculum it offers, which is key to their children’s employability and competitiveness in the future.

“With the school’s high technology, our son had the best learning experiences academically and practically.  Because of this, he will have the best chance and great opportunities at employment soon. With Informatics Senior High, our son had the best improvement of himself. He became more responsible, knowledgeable, and focused on his studies,” said Daddy Roy Caawey.

“Informatics may not be too big compared to other schools, but I am grateful it is providing quality education to all who seek it. Rich or poor, it doesn’t matter. Students who feel hopeless are encouraged and valued. Young parents are welcome and accepted. That is the true essence of an excellent school,” said Mommy Anita Inda.

Choose Informatics for your child too. Through its internationally-recognized online schooling technologies, Informatics offers Senior High School tracks, Bachelor’s Degree programs, Diploma courses, Short Courses, and Corporate Training Solutions.  Know more about the school’s online programs at

One of the pioneers of online learning in the country is Informatics Philippines, which has been providing students certification courses purely online since the early 2000s. Through its internationally recognized online schooling technologies, Informatics offers senior highschool tracks, bachelor’s degree programs, diploma courses, and corporate/short courses.  Know more about the school’s online programs at

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