Want to qualify for an in-demand job? Here are 5 courses to consider.

Want to qualify for an in-demand job? Here are 5 courses to consider.

While it is always best to decide from your heart and pursue your passion, it is also practical to consider taking a college degree that will qualify you for in-demand jobs in the future.  Due to the pandemic’s effect on the economy, business and computer fields are the ones providing big career opportunities globally. Here are five in-demand bachelor’s degrees you can explore:

Business Administration

If you are interested in marketing, business, or entrepreneurship, this program is for you. Its theory and practicum in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics provide the technical knowledge of an executive who can manage and run a business entity.

Various careers await you: Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Assistant Manager, Advertising Assistant, Product Assistant Manager, Customer Service Representative, Entrepreneur, Junior Sales Trainer, Account Executive, Sales Manager— all of which may give you earnings of ₱17,000-₱80,000.


If you are both practical and creative, this course is for you. Specializing in Technopreneurship, this gives an all-around training in developing, organizing, and managing business ventures while making a profit. For business and marketing courses, It is best to select a program that provides a combination of relevant Information Technology (IT)-related subjects to ensure that your skills are highly relevant in the digital world.

Graduates of Entrepreneurship can be an Entrepreneur/Technopreneur, Business Development Manager, Corporate Planning Development Manager, Marketing Assistant Manager— earning ₱17,000-₱55,000.

Computer Science

Do you like researching, developing, and computing solutions? This program teaches algorithmic concepts and strong analytical skills in system solutions and level support.

With a Computer Science degree, you can someday work on data science projects, create a network of physical devices to enable objects to connect and exchange data or design and operate a robot.  You can earn between ₱20,000 and ₱90,000.

Information Technology

Are you into the web, database, programming, and networking technologies? This program provides a solid IT foundation both in software and hardware skills.

Some fields you can penetrate are Web and Application Development (Salary Range: ₱30,000-₱90,000), Networks and Cyber Security (Salary Range: ₱20,000-₱90,000), and Multimedia Arts (Salary Range: ₱17,000-₱50,000).

Information Systems

Do you want to merge IT with business applications? This program can transform you into an expert in computing solutions that integrate IT with business processes.

Some careers are: Organizational Process Analyst, Applications Developer, Data Quality Analyst, End User Trainer, Solutions Specialist, Documentation Specialist, Systems Analyst/Auditor, Quality Assurance Specialist, IS Project Management Personnel, Systems Implementation Officer, Technical Support Specialist, or Entrepreneur in IT industry — earning ₱25,000-₱60,000.

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