What is your “WHY” when choosing a College Degree?

What is your “WHY” when choosing a College Degree?

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Are you now seeing college at your doorstep and you still haven’t decided on what course to take? Do not worry; that stage is normal for any Senior High student.

According to research, some factors contributing to the confusion include parents imposing decisions, financial insufficiency and fear of being away from friends.  If you analyze, the puzzlement comes from one reason: seeking the answer from external voices, or you may say, surface-level reasons.  The decision on the college degree you will take should come mostly from you. Remember, your future is at stake.

In choosing your college degree,  follow this powerful tip from Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, an innovative concept that is helpful in identifying what you want to do in life given how the world has changed since COVID-19 happened.

Reflect on your “Why”

You may have various motivations but the question is: how stable are they?

Starting with your “Why” means carving an undisturbed time to reflect on your purpose. Write your values and vision, personality strengths and weaknesses, and interests and skills. It also helps to identify your passion, the thing that ignites you and keeps you flowing naturally.

Determine the “How”

Given your purpose, what are the ways to achieve it? You may complete the sentence: “As my life purpose is to _______, I will ________.”

This is the time to create a list of your new desired habits to act on and develop more what you have discovered in yourself, particularly during this pandemic. With the actions you have established, the nature of the degree aligned to who you are will become clearer.

Identify your “What”

From your redirected “How”, you may uncover your “What” by creating a list of college degrees related to what you want to do and what you want to achieve in life. Know the career path that awaits you for every college course option. Weigh the pros and cons of each course and see which one will continue to be relevant and best lead you to your vision.

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