Courses Students Can Take In the New Normal

Courses Students Can Take In the New Normal

Courses Students Can Take In the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of changes in the economy. With many businesses shutting down, trimming their operating costs or implementing flexible working arrangements,  many have lost their jobs, and some have received pay cuts.  While the future is still uncertain, the economy will surely never be the same.  Considerations for safety and remote work will certainly change the landscape of the job market.

With all these changes,  young people should begin to rethink their dream careers and take into consideration the factors that will affect their future employability.  What jobs are in demand in the new normal economy? What course should I take that will increase my chance of getting a job in the future? What career path will give me the flexibility of working remotely?

Here are some educational programs worth considering in the new normal:


With the unemployment caused by the pandemic, many Filipinos have started their small online businesses.  Indeed, running your own little shop will see you through when most employers are closing their doors to job applicants. While anyone can start a business without formal education, it still helps to be equipped with the basics of creating and managing an enterprise. Take a course on Entrepreneurship to learn how to develop, organize and manage a business venture.  Acquire the skills, values and attitudes that will increase your chance of being a successful entrepreneur in the future.

With a degree in Entrepreneurship, you can become an entrepreneur, technopreneur or Business Development Manager. You can also work in the Corporate Planning, Business Development, Marketing or Advertising departments of companies.

Information Technology

In a digital world, Information Technology (IT) professionals well-versed on IT applications will always be in demand. An IT course will train you how to plan, install, customize, operate, manage, administer, and maintain Information Technology infrastructures.  Be a master of software and hardware management, and gain database management skills. Learn about mobile applications, data science, programming, and networking technologies.

With a strong IT background, you have a wide array of career options. This includes Applications Developer, System Analyst, Database Administrator, Technical Support Specialist, Entrepreneur in IT Industry, Test Engineer, Information Security Administrator, Web Administrator / Web Master, Network Administrator, Data Scientist,  Network Engineer, Web Designer, and Information Security Administrator.

Visual Graphics and Design

Graphic designers will thrive in the new normal. Businesses will always need the services of creative designers to help achieve their digital marketing requirements. Whether it’s infographics or design for a product catalogue, the output of graphic designers will always be needed. Whether you choose to work in the corporate world or go freelance, a background in graphic design will take you a long way.

Take a visual graphics and design course that can train you in developing design studies and creating vector and raster graphics using a graphics application.  Hone your creativity and learn how to design for print and electronic media, product packaging, and product/window display.

Gaming and Animation

Are you a gamer? Turn your interest into something that will someday pay the bills. Take a course in gaming and animation.  This will teach you how to design game program logic, apply object-oriented programming language skills and apply programming skills for in-game application. On the other hand, animation refers to applying techniques to produce drawings, producing key drawings for animation and creating 2D and 3D digital animation.

From being a gamer, you can someday create a mobile game of your own or work for reputable digital companies as a Game Programmer, Technical Game Designer, Game Tester, Game Play Scripter, Multimedia Artist or Digital Animator.

Interested in these courses?

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