4 Things to Look for in an Online School

4 Things to Look for in an Online School

As everyone transitions to the new normal, one of the tough decisions parents need to make nowadays revolves around their child’s schooling.  Though safety is the priority, many parents still want their children to continuously receive quality education amidst the pandemic.

E-learning is something new to many, and most parents might find it confusing to choose from a list of schools now offering online schooling. Do I enroll my child in his former school that’s just transitioning to e-learning? Do I choose an educational institution experienced in online teaching? What are the things that I need to consider when choosing an online school?

If you’re still confused about where to enroll your child for the coming school year, here are some key points to consider when selecting an online school:

Experience in Online Teaching

Since your child will be making a lot of adjustments in the new school set up, entrust him to a school that is already established when it comes to e-learning.  A school’s years of experience in online teaching speaks of its readiness for the new normal in education in terms of digital learning technologies, and faculty. with online learning platforms, digitizing learning materials and preparing faculty members for virtual teaching.


Make sure the school is accredited by Department of Education and Commission on Higher Education. With the demand for online classes during the pandemic, there are organizations offering online schooling even without accreditation. Think of its long-term effect. Most employers consider hiring graduates of accredited schools in the Philippines.

Moreover, check if the school has partnerships with reputable international educational institutions.  If the online school is supported by schools abroad, it means that the school’s programs and learning technologies meet global standards.


In the new normal, flexibility in schooling is important in case your internet connection at home becomes intermittent or when your kids share a common gadget for online learning. Inquire if the school offers both synchronous and asynchronous learning. 

Synchronous learning means 100% online schooling but may include scheduled live online sessions that are conducted by teachers or subject matter experts. Alongside these scheduled virtual classes, it is ideal of if the school offers asynchronous learning, which will allow your child to study, read educational materials or watch video lectures at their own pace within a given timeframe.

Don’t forget to also inquire about the school’s plans once the government allows face-to-face schooling.  Check if the school offers a blended form of learning (e-learning and traditional classroom learning). 

Easy-to-use virtual classroom

It’s your child’s first time to experience attending a virtual school. Make it easy for him. Make sure that the school you choose provides virtual classrooms that are easy and convenient to use and navigate.  Ask about the learning technologies they will be using for virtual interaction between online discussions. Inquire whether the school’s learning platform is accessible in different gadgets such as mobile phone or tablets.  Find out if the learning platform is accessible offline or if the school provides downloadable modules just in case you experience connectivity problems at home.  It is also important to find out the computer and hardware requirements to run the school’s digital learning program.

Young people need all the help they can get to easily transition to the new normal in schooling. Help your child by selecting an online school that can provide quality education through easy-to-use digital learning platform.

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