Informatics Offers Flexible Online Courses to Help Filipinos Secure Jobs or Manage Businesses in the New Normal

Informatics Offers Flexible Online Courses to Help Filipinos Secure Jobs or Manage Businesses in the New Normal

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Helping Filipinos improve their employability and sustainability, Informatics Philippines offers subscription-based online courses that are accessible whenever and wherever convenient. Its intelligent digital learning platform features online training courses in areas of business, digital transformation, leadership development, and technology development.

With over 25 years of information and communications technology training experience, Informatics is well poised to provide the necessary training for Filipino students. Informatics courses aim to help students find employment, secure their current job posts or manage their own businesses.  It provides thousands of short courses and customizable programs based on business needs and student profile.

Convenient and flexible schooling

Through Informatics’ online courses, students have the freedom to learn at their own convenience and at a pace that is right for them. They can avail of their preferred courses on a subscription basis (1-3-6 months).  Using an on-demand mobile education platform, students can access their courses and educational materials like e-books/audiobooks at the comfort of their homes or wherever convenient.  Likewise, they can study after work hours or during weekends.

Fresh graduates, young professionals and new online entrepreneurs can benefit from various courses. This includes Digital Marketing, Adobe Creative Suite, Facebook Business, Communication Skills, and Productivity Apps.  Moreover, seasoned professionals can learn additional skills from technology and development certification courses and leadership development programs.  

Organizations can also upskill their workforce through various Percipio courses that are relevant to their field of work.

Learning from industry experts through a globally recognized learning platform

At Informatics, students learn from experienced professionals with extensive expertise in their respective fields and international industry experts.  To complement the faculty’s teaching expertise, Informatics utilized Percipio, the latest version of an eLearning platform developed by Skillsoft, a learning content provider with over 20 years experience.  Skillsoft is the preferred eLearning content provider for 65% of Fortune 500 companies.  It has also trained more than 400 million users globally. This includes world-class educational institutions such as Yale University, Cornell University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Multimodal learning

Considering the benefit of having diverse learning styles, Percipio features a watch-read-listen-practice approach. Students can learn by watching expert-driven video courses and reading online books from leading publishers. They can also listen to a large collection of audio books.  For some courses, students have access to hands-on practice labs, virtual bootcamps and integrated mentoring and support.

Upon completion of the training program, Informatics issues certificates that are easily accessible. Moreover, training may be credited towards a Diploma or Degree qualification.

One of the pioneers of online learning in the country is Informatics Philippines, which has been providing students certification courses purely online since the early 2000s. Through its internationally recognized online schooling technologies, Informatics offers senior highschool tracks, bachelor’s degree programs, diploma courses and corporate/short courses.  Know more about the school’s online programs at

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About Informatics:

Informatics is a Singapore-based training institution that provides education and training services to individuals, institutions, and corporations. It has been in the Philippines for over 25 years and has trained over 600,000 Filipinos and more than 500 top corporations.

Informatics offers various program offerings including senior highschool track, bachelor’s degree program, diploma courses, and corporate/short courses. Find out more about Informatics Online Schooling at