Informatics Continues to Provide World-class Online Learning Platform for Filipino students during the New Normal

Informatics Continues to Provide World-class Online Learning Platform for Filipino students during the New Normal

As the country transitions to online classes, Informatics Philippines continues to provide world-class online education. The Informatics Online Schooling (ION) platform makes use of internationally recognized learning technologies in implementing a curriculum that grooms students for employability and sustainability.

Long before Covid-19 pandemic happened, Informatics has been educating students through a blended form of learning. Blended learning combines online teaching with traditional classroom setup.  As one of the e-learning pioneers in the country, Informatics has been providing certification courses purely online since early 2000s. In fact, in 2019 alone, Informatics trained more than 10,000 students online, including public school teachers.

eSchool powered by an award-winning learning system

The ION Learning Management System (LMS) uses Brightspace, a cloud-based learning platform. The international Software & Information Industry Association CODiE Awards recognized Brightspace as Best K-12 Learning Management Solution of 2019. Likewise, research agency Ovum Research named Brightspace #1 LMS in Higher Education by global technology

Using a premier LMS technology, ION serves as the Informatics e-classroom. It is where students can easily access online course contents, submit their school works, and receive teacher’s feedback. It is also where they can virtually engage with their teachers and classmates.

Digital library students can access, anywhere

Despite constraints posed by the new normal, students can receive the benefits of visiting a library at Informatics. Through Informatics’ intelligent digital learning platform called Percipio, students can access 25,000 courses and 40,000 e-books/audiobooks using any device including a mobile phone.

Percipio is an interactive digital library of curated educational contents created by certified and qualified faculty members from different countries. Percipio is the latest version of eLearning platform developed by Skillsoft, a US-based eLearning content provider. Skillsoft is the preferred eLearning content provider for 65% of the Fortune 500 companies.  It has also trained more than 400 million users globally. This includes world-class educational institutions such as Yale University, Cornell University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Students of Informatics take majority of their course contents through Percipio. Considering the different learning styles of students, Percipio employs a watch-read-listen-practice proven approach to learning. Students can learn by watching expert-driven video courses and reading online books from leading publishers. They can also listen to a large collection of audio books.  For some courses, students have access to hands-on practice labs, virtual bootcamps and integrated mentoring and support.

As proof of successful completion of courses, students receive downloadable certificates or badges.

Virtual classroom powered by Microsoft

Aside from studying online content courses on their own, students participate in online class discussions through Microsoft Teams. Through live sessions,  teachers can further explain what the students have learned through online course contents. They can also properly address students’ questions and clarifications. Additionally, Informatics students can avail free license of MS Office, a suite of applications that are essential in remote learning.

Teachers trained and experienced in online teaching

While technology plays a huge part in making e-schooling possible, it cannot take the role of a teacher.  Thus, educational institutions are now focusing on teacher training to effectively respond to the new normal’s unique education requirements. With online teaching,  both veteran and new teachers need to adjust to a virtual classroom setup. They have to familiarize themselves with digital tools needed for online teaching.

Since Informatics has been providing blended form of learning for more several years,  Informatics teachers are experts in facilitating online classes. They are adept for both live online sessions and discussions in email or discussion rooms.

The teachers are also trained to design and curate digital learning materials to be uploaded on the ION learning platform.  The teachers also administer scheduled formative and summative assessments for all students as basis of their grades. Likewise, they prepare modules that can be downloaded by students who have intermittent internet connections.

With the best learning technologies, Informatics is more than ready to educate more students in the new normal. It is equipped to prepare students to secure jobs or build online businesses in the new economy. 

One of the pioneers of online learning in the country is Informatics Philippines, which has been providing students certification courses purely online since the early 2000s. Through its internationally recognized online schooling technologies, Informatics offers senior highschool tracks, bachelor’s degree programs, diploma courses and corporate/short courses.  Know more about the school’s online programs at

About Informatics:

Informatics is a Singapore-based training institution that provides education and training services to individuals, institutions, and corporations. It has been in the Philippines for over 25 years and has trained over 600,000 Filipinos and more than 500 top corporations.

Informatics offers various program offerings including senior highschool track, bachelor’s degree program, diploma courses, and corporate/short courses. Find out more about Informatics Online Schooling at