With Informatics Online Learning, students now can access International Award-winning Learning Solutions

With Informatics Online Learning, students now can access International Award-winning Learning Solutions

In the aftermath of the World Health Organization’s designation of the novel coronavirus as a pandemic in March, colleges and universities across the Philippines are shutting down in an attempt to slow its spread. The government is using different channels to distribute learning content: the radio, television, and the internet. This shift into virtual classrooms is the culmination of the government’s efforts to prevent COVID-19 from entering the populations and spreading to local communities.

Over the last few years, online learning has been practiced by Informatics. Our students and teachers use Informatics Intelligent e-Learning powered by Percipio, a learning experience platform that holds thousands of academic and training contents allowing students to study by reading, watching videos, listening to lectures, and even practicing at virtual labs in the comfort of their home. At the end of each lesson, students are assessed and they receive a certificate of completion when they pass the test.

Teachers and students collaborate and hold discussions at MS Teams, a cloud-based collaboration tool that is part of the Office 365 suite of applications. It allows messaging, calling, video meetings, and file sharing. Students of Informatics are comfortable with MS Teams as they have been using this platform for several years.

Students all over the Philippines regardless of location join in as Informatics officially launch Informatics Online or ION. This serves as the Informatics e-Learning classroom where students may access all their online classes, and gain access to task lists, modules, course materials, and able to engage with their teachers and classmates. Informatics uses Brightspace, the number 1 in LMS Technology, and Best K-12 Learning Management Solution of 2019. Behind these 3 powerful tools are the Informatics Academic team who are the main curators of the content and leads the assessment process for the students.

Informatics Online gives students the flexibility to plan their study time. They can access the class modules 24⁄7. It also saves students time to commute to the college and the library, since ION offers a wide variety of e-books, audiobooks, and other learning materials at the student’s disposal.

Informatics Online, making online learning easier and more productive for students everywhere.

One of the pioneers of online learning in the country is Informatics Philippines, which has been providing students certification courses purely online since the early 2000s. Through its internationally recognized online schooling technologies, Informatics offers senior highschool tracks, bachelor’s degree programs, diploma courses and corporate/short courses.  Know more about the school’s online programs at www.informatics.edu.ph

About Informatics

Informatics is a Singapore-based training institution that provides education and training services to individuals, institutions, and corporations. We have been in the Philippines for over 25 years and have trained over 600,000 Filipinos and more than 500 top corporations.