Preparing Teachers in the Philippines for Online Learning

Preparing Teachers in the Philippines for Online Learning

In education, online schooling finds itself front and center in the time of COVID19 pandemic.
While many schools in the Philippines scramble to setup their online learning facilities, Informatics has already completed transition from face-to-face delivery to 100% online schooling or e-Learning. Moreover, Informatics is now teaching thousands of teachers how to teach online through the Cyber Schooling for Taguig Teachers project. This project leverages the TEACHNOLOGY Program of Informatics which includes these training modules:

• ICT Tools for 21st Century Classrooms
• Manage Online Collaboration
• Media Literacy
• Implement a Flipped Classroom
• Create and Manage Online Classrooms
• Manage a Blended Learning Environment

Informatics started online schooling in the early 2000 when it launched e-BSCS, a full online bachelor’s degree program hosted over the Informatics Virtual Campus. Today, even our Senior High School program will be delivered 100% online. Students can use any digital device from laptop to PC to tablet or even their smartphone to study, listen to and watch lessons, practice in virtual labs, take tests and get certificates. Although online, these activities are facilitated and supervised by the highly equipped Informatics teachers.


Only a few months ago, online schooling was simply a nice-to-have idea among many schools. Today, the nice-to-have is the new normal.

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