Informatics Teaches Users How to Conduct Webinars and Virtual Presentations

Informatics Teaches Users How to Conduct Webinars and Virtual Presentations

It is a very challenging time for many organizations and workers. The current global pandemic had forced organizations, big and small, to transform digitally in a short span of time.

Because there are businesses that need to continue and comply with quarantine, we see friends posting online their essential work-from-home activities. Some attending webinars or conducting it. A few are facilitating meetings or trainings via various platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Hangouts and GoToMeeting. Still others are doing online sales demos to hit the ground running post-ECQ.

For many of us these online work-related activities are new but necessary. And seeing how efficient and effective they can be, companies will continue to engage online their associates and customers even after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Informatics is the authorized partner of Skillsoft Percipio which provides expertly developed and curated online courses. With over 41,000 online resources including 9,000 plus courses, Through this Intelligent e-Learning Platform, Informatics makes learning more accessible to many users from beginner to intermediate and expert levels.

Among the many courses offered is a program dedicated to producing, conducting and managing webinars. This program helps users prepare for virtual sales demos, product trainings or simply online meetings.

Inquire at any Informatics branch for some of its free online courses on webinars and virtual presentations. Follow Informatics Philippines on Facebook and Twitter @InformaticsPH and on LinkedIn @Informatics Philippines.

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