Welcome to Informatics


Welcome to Informatics!

At Informatics, we strive to provide education counselling and support services for students, as well as to facilitate an environment conducive for students to learn, live, and obtain an exciting learning experience. We aim to build the leaders of tomorrow through a specially designed wholesome education programme that places equal emphasis on both academic achievements, as well as non-academic, co-curricular activities. We believe in developing a true leader and a well-rounded individual.

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Established in 1983, Informatics is one of the largest education and training service providers in Asia. Informatics offers academic programmes from the foundation programme to undergraduate and postgraduate degree completions in the area of information Technology and Business. At Informatics, we offer Quality education programmes. Complete profile and progression path for students Different learning modes to accommodate to individuals needs and lifestyle: traditional classroom learning, and blended learning (e-Learning with face-to-face tutorials) Conducive learning environment and campus learning Software and educational materials provided by leading software providers such as Microsoft, Oracle and Adobe. Career Guidance...

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